My name is Alina Radu Mirabela a mother who asks for help desperately!I have a 4 year old angel, he is my most valuable treasure and greatest joy given by God, but unfortunately was born with problems and was diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis.
On January 14, 2006 "Saturday," I admitted to hospital Cantacuzino "hospital horror" at 13:00 with 2 expansion cm.Doctor which kept me under surveillance during the pregnancy that "the bribe received" was not in hospital in a later 17:30 deigned to come. I checked and made ​​me an injection of calcium believe that I have taken all the heat.
Until 19:30 when my water broke and stayed in the hall see their doctors and asistent.After her job as my water broke the pain started and not stopped.Doctor no longer stood to gossip with the midwife I control who I was talking of home affairs that only a weekend bother.
At 9:50 p.m. I finally got on the table of births and birth but my chicks and I heard not because air has not been oxygenated brain, I had to do cesarean. He was taken to intensive care with infusions incubator where he spent two weeks drugged with phenobarbital and fed by gavage, in the first 24 hours of seizures made​​!
All this affected her brain! At my insistence they gave me to teach him to eat with a bottle to leave hospital as soon as the criminals that stood as a neurologist anyway nothing had.After a month of hospitalization and torment we released him and started investigations at a private practice at the hospital in September and was eventually diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis.
Now eat well even from 2 to 2 hours but has assimilated only 9 kg, laugh when you talk to him but understand his babbling tongue respond, do not stay in the ass,not holding his head , and is only poop suppository.
I heard from other mothers in my situation Recovery Clinic in Ukraine, we have made bank loan and have been twice to see some changes more closely and more seriously, but there was expensive treatment is 3052 euros and more 200 euro transport, money you do not we have unfortunately, and the time that passes is important because now is the time Cosmin recovering the best!
We are scheduled again but unfortunately 15.07.2009 we did not get as close moneys I needed! Now we have scheduled and see if we manage to 07/04/2010 to raise money to get
But I found another chance to recover and that Cosmin but cost us money! Operation in Chisinau called "subcutaneous Miofibrotomie"I did this operation once but have to repeat it to see results in recovery of Cosmin!
Any advice and help please contact me at: rautaciosulcosmin@yahoo.com or no. phone: Garanti Bank branch mama0768929140 Mosilor -account holder: Alina Radu
R007 0000 1220 UGBI 03075RON
R097 0000 1220 UGBI 03076EUR
Thank you so much! A desperate mother!